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Salem Women's Football Association
Summer Flag League

Oregon Womens football
Football Oregon women
Salem oregon womens flag football
SWFA womens flag football
womens flag football oregon

     The SWFA is happy to announce the formation of our Summer Flag League. Our flag program will offer a fantastic and fun opportunity for women 18 and up to play, learn the game, and be active in a supportive family friendly environment. The goal of our league is to provide an opportunity for women to learn and enjoy the sport of football. If you are looking to play just for fun,  learn more about the sport, meet other fantastic women, play a competitive sport or you are a tackle player looking to stay conditioned this is for you!!

League Basics: 
* 8v8 Format with all 8 players eligible to catch passes
*Games will be held in the Salem/Keizer area and be held every other Sunday
* Season start date is typically in early/mid Aug and ends with the Championship in September

* Each team will play two games each Sunday. 
* Games will begin no earlier than 10am and last games of the day start at 3pm

SWFA Teams:
She Sharks (Keizer/N.Salem)
Mean Girls (S. Salem)
Witches (W. Salem)

Do you run or play on an existing flag team? or are you interested in putting together a team from another area? You are more than welcome to join our league as well. Conact us today for more information.

How much does it Cost?: 

$650 PER TEAM   (jersey not included, recommend 10 to 15 player roster)
Individual registration costs are determined by each team.
(Typically less than $100 including jersey and SWFA Annual Membership)

Contact us if you want to play


Oregon women's flag football
girls flag football salem oregon

You will not be charged fees.  By clicking the I want to play button you will be directed to a player/team contact form and a representative will contact you regarding registration and payments 

Oregon womens flag football
SWFA flag football oregon
oregon football womens
Want to be a league Sponsor or have a question? Contact us
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