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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I have to have experience to play?

A:   No,  The Capital Pioneers and the SWFA encourages women to enjoy tackle football regardless of their previous experience. We have a fantastic coaching staff that will embrace and improve all athletes from those who have never played to those ready to compete internationally.

Q: How much does this cost?

A: Cost of participation varies by season. The SWFA works very hard to reduce the out of pocket expenses to Pioneer players.  Generally speaking the base participation fees total about $400 per season. The Pioneers offer players to opportunity to participate in our fund raising programs that can significantly reduce this base fee.  The Pioneers players are responsible for air travel expenses. The SWFA does have assistance programs and scholarships to aid players in need of assistance. The Pioneers also cover lodging at away games that require lodging as well as ground transportation for players in game city of games that require air travel.  

Q: What about equipment and uniforms?

A: The Pioneers have several options for players. Helmets and Shoulder pads can be purchased through our leagues partnership with Xenith at a great price break.  Players can also choose to rent a helmet, Shoulder pads or both. Renting both through the team for $150 per season which $75 is refunded when its returned. Both Home and Away uniforms are provided but players can choose to purchase them if they choose to.

Q: What is the time commitment to play?

A:   Off-Season: Between August and November the Pioneers offer a variety of conditioning and  skill building opportunities programs that are optional for players. Times and types of activities vary.

       Pre-Season: December we begin our Player Development camps. Typically we offer 3 of these camps. 

      Official Pre-Season Practices:  Official team practices begin the first or second week of January and are held weekday evenings. Practices are held in the Salem/Keizer area.

      In Season:  Once the games begin we continue the weekday practices with games on Satuday.  Games begin in early April and the Championship game is early July. Players are expected to make a majority of all official practices and all games. Players should also plan for travel time to away games, for some this will include travelling on Friday, game on Saturday and return travel on Sunday.

Q: Who should I contact if I want to play or have more questions?

A:  Please cocomplete our interest form 


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