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oregon womens football
Oregon womens football
Oregon womens football

The Pathway to International Competition starts here

      The SWFA takes pride in paving the path for our athletes, some who began with zero knowledge of the game, all the way to international competition against some of the worlds best football players.

      The Women of the SWFA build their skills, knowledge and competitiveness through our Pioneer and Bomber programs and their respective coaching staff. The SWFA provides the support and training to our athletes that challenges our athletes to take the next step. 

   The SWFA believes that the opportunity to compete at an international level of women's football should not be just a dream. The SWFA's focus on preparing athletes for competing at an International drives our organization to provide training and competition options to our athletes, both Pioneer tackle players and Bomber.

   For our athletes to obtain the level of skills, knowledge, experience and confidence to compete at the international level we offer several elite coaching options that are provided at little of no cost to our athletes. We also believe that all women should have these opportunities and often open up these elite training opportunities to women athletes outside of our programs.

Elite training partners include:

Elias Polanski QB/Receiver training:  Elias is a Quarterback and receiver coach who gained his experience through being a starter at George Fox University. Elias interned as a Quarterback coach with the National Football Academies/QB collective and is a active NFA Quarterback coach.

Forshey Training Systems:  Located in Salem, Oregon Forshey is an elite athlete training facility that focuses on athletic strength and conditioning. Forshey provides our Pioneer program a pre-season conditioning program and works with our athletes on individual athletic fitness plans


Oregon womens football
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